What is that different thing you are hungry for? That big meat-filled object you are shoving in your face? I AM NOT SURE WHAT THIS MEANS.

Phallic Logos

Does this logo for “Dirty Bird” restaurant look like a certain part of the male anatomy? Spoiler alert: YES. Double spoiler: the place is called DIRTY BIRD—what did you expect? 

Pro Tip: When you make Twitter jokes about “filling your mouth with breasts” (chicken, natch) it’s harder to claim that any phallic resemblance is just a coincidence.

(Found via Fast Company)

This has been going around, but—surprise!—some random people made a better Coke commercial than Coke has made in years. I mean, I like Polar Bears and don’t want them to go extinct and all that, but I’m not sure how they are supposed to make me want to buy a soft drink that’s mostly just food coloring and corn syrup? IF GLOBAL WARMING DOESN’T KILL THE POLAR BEARS, COKE WILL! ENJOY!


FACT: People who thinks books are boring are bad people. 




^ same, tbh

Best. GIF. Ever.

Totally out of context, but still amazing. 


VD Propaganda

The best WWII propaganda is the anti-VD stuff. I should probably see about getting these in the bathroom at work. I love that they all revolve around the Axis actively trying to infect GIs. It’s a long-term strategy. 

This is my favorite: 

Find the rest here:

Coke’s New Tagline

I thought “and a smile” worked fine, but this seems good, too. 


DON’T SAY SORRY AND ALSO BUY OUR CHEAP SHAMPOO!!!  (This would be a great PSA-type thing, but as a shampoo commercial?)


The connection to the product is a little huh?, but the insight here is deep and true.

Agency: Grey, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myren
Global Group Creative Director: Joanna Carver
Creative Director: Tanner Shea
Director, Broadcast Production: Bennett McCarroll
Executive Producer: Judi Nierman
Producer: Jimmy Wade
Music Producer: Ben Dorenfeld
Account Team: Yashaswini Samat, Danielle Avedon, Angelica Mata
Production Company: Community Films
Director: Pam Thomas

People will watch this a lot. No one will buy more Pantene because of it. 

Stories and Search Results

These are the actual suggestions I just got while looking something up on Bing Image search. GO HOME BING YOU ARE DRUNK. 

And with that, I’m off to read some rectal temperature-taking stories. I assume they all start with “Ouch!” but we’ll see. 

Comic Sans

Hate Comic Sans? Of course you do—who doesn’t? McSweeney’s has a hilarious essay about just that, written from the perspective of Comic Sans: I’m Comic Sans, Asshole. 

Not surprisingly, it’s amazing:

Read the entire essay on McSweeney’s